Detroit Lions Ben Johnson Jared Goff have recipe for success

Detroit Lions Ben Johnson Jared Goff have recipe for success

Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson Jared Goff should keep his foot on it going into the final three weeks in the 2022 regular season.

It’s true, it’s essential. Goff To continue taking care of the football, something he has done well in recent weeks. In fact, the veteran Detroit signal-caller hasn’t thrown a pass in six consecutive weeks. He’s the first Lions passer to make six consecutive starts without committing any turnovers.

In that time, the Lions went 5-1, with the only loss coming against the Buffalo Bills Thanksgiving.

Goff & Co.’s recent run of success has been due to playing clean football. Success. Johnson isn’t going to stop being aggressive in his play-calling.

Johnson spoke Wednesday of Goff, saying that he would come up each night and that it would be one-on-1. “In some ways, he can call the game more aggressively and he understands when it comes in, ‘Okay. I’ve got to push this thing down, if the look presents itself.

“But, he has done a really great job of taking advantage of those opportunities when they are there. He’s also found completions on the ones we haven’t thrown. It’s allowed us to call more aggressive down the field plays, especially in the Jacksonville and Minnesota games. We know he’ll find a completion if it’s missing and keep us going.

Johnson believes that playing turnover-free football is key to maintaining Goff’s and the offense’s high level of play.

Johnson stated, “Okay, the sacks, and the turnovers, let’s keep that going. Because really, that’s the recipe of success right now.” It’s been giving me a chance every single week.”


Johnson & Co. would be wise to improve the chemistry between Goff, and rookie wideout Jameson Williams if they want to increase the number big plays on offense.

Goff and the ex-Alabama Crimson Tide speedster had only one pass before the Lions’ Week 16 game against the Carolina Panthers. It was Week 14 against Minnesota Vikings and resulted in a 41-yard touchdown by Detroit.

They failed to connect on a shot to reach the end zone in the second quarter against New York. This past Sunday, the Jets. Johnson says it’s all about building trust between the veteran signal-caller, and the first-year pass catcher.

Johnson stated that it’s a weekly process and that it is progressing. We try to push Jamo a bit more each week in terms of the routes that we ask him to run, not only for the game but also for Jared’s development and his chemistry with him. We want to see what he can do and what he is comfortable with after that injury. We’ll continue to see a growing relationship between these two. It’s just a matter of time.

In their Week 15 matchup against the Jets, the Lions won 20-17. It was their sixth win in seven games, which helped them reach.500 (7-7), for the first time since 2022.

It’s been a remarkable turnaround for a Detroit team that began the season 1-6. Aaron Glenn, Lions defensive coordinator, believes that the team’s greatly improved play is due to the players understanding the culture and identity of Dan Campbell-led squad.

Glenn said Wednesday that he believes “guys understand exactly who and what we are as a defense, culture, and what we’re trying achieve.” It’s two things that are missing in football, I think. These offensive gurus and defensive gurus could be a great combination. Culture and identity are important. If you bring that to the table, and if guys understand it, it will create a winning environment.”

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