Detroit Lions Aidan Hutchinson will trash talk T.J. Hockenson

Detroit Lions Aidan Hutchinson will trash talk T.J. Hockenson

Add Aidan Hutchinson To the list of Lions Players who want to retaliate against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

The first matchup between these two teams in this season’s season (Sept. 25,)Detroit Minnesota held a 10-point lead at the end of the fourth quarter and was able to come back to win, 28-24.

Even though the loss was re-enacted in Week 3, it still hurts. Hutchinson.

Hutchinson said to reporters that it hurt. They get some stuff when they feel like they have control over the entire game and the last few drives. It’s one of the most difficult games in the NFL. We’re determined to get it back.

After their loss to Minnesota in the final game of the season, the rookie EDGE defender and his team-mates are determined to win Sunday’s match with the Vikings.

“I mean, that last video kind of slipped right through my fingers,” Hutchinson said. “And it really hurts. I believe we all had the right mindset. We are all so determined to win this game and we know that we have our playoff hopes (alive). This is a huge game, and it is one we can have to move on to the next step to make it to the playoffs. We’re excited and we’re locked-in. And I believe that at the end of this game, we won’t let this one slip through our fingers as it did last year.”


Limiting the production of Vikings wide receivers will be key to defeating Minnesota Sunday in Ford Field Justin Jefferson. Detroit It was a solid job, limiting the third year pro to only three catches for 14 yards (and not touchdowns) in Week 3.

Since that contest in the early season, Jefferson has accumulated 100 receiving yards in six games, including two weeks ago against New England Patriots (139 yards).

So, Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn Detroit will have to find a way to keep the big-play receiver in check a second season.

“I will tell ya this, it’s hard for me to hold that player to that now. He is a player I really, really respect on many different levels.” Glenn Jefferson Thursday. “Just my opinion, he’s – even if he’s not the best receiver, he is one of the top 2. The reason I say this is not because of the production. He’s everything I want a football player to be. He’s tough and he’s very competitive. He can take some hits and then he gets back up and is ready to play. He’s Aaron Glenn-type of guy, but we need to go after him like we did last year.”

Glenn’s unit will be facing a familiar face on Sunday when it takes to the field. T.J. Hockenson.

HockensonHe spent the first three-and a half seasons of his NFL career in Detroit. He was traded to the Vikings at their Nov. 1 trade deadline.

Since joining Detroit’s NFC North He’s a rival, having caught 30 balls for 225 yards. He also scored a touchdown in five games.

“He’s just another member of another team that we have to be on the lookout for. That’s the truth. Glenn Hockenson’s game-planning was a topic that was discussed. “I mean, every team that we’ve played against has had good quarterbacks, receivers, and tight ends so he’s just another one we have to worry about. We’ll do a great job against him.

“They are using him, especially in the red zone. Since he got there in the red zone, I believe he has the same number of targets as (VikingsWR Adam) Thielen who is a big target in the red-zone. He’s obviously a big player, so I understand why they want him to get the ball in that area.

HutchinsonFor one, he is excited to play against his former teammate.

Hutchinson stated that he was always good friends with T.J. “So, I’m sure that it’ll be fun to see him out there. I’ll talk a bit s ***,, and I’m sure that he’ll talk some s ***.. It’ll be great.

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