Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft order after Rams loss to Packers.

Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft order after Rams loss to Packers.

The Los Angeles RamsThe Packers defeated the Packers 24-12.

The conclusion of Week 15 will be announced. Lions Now, the No. The No. 4 and No. 18 overall picks in the 2023 NFL Draft are now available. 18 picks in the first round 2023 NFL Draft.

Their own selection fell three spots last week due to the Lions’ winning ways. It fell from the 15th to the 18th pick.

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“I mean, I just want to win another game. The good teams — it doesn’t matter who you’re playing. “To win in this league it’s a good thing,” said the Lions head coach. Dan Campbell. “I don’t care who it’s, so we found a solution to win. We won the game on the road again. And every team I’ve ever been part of, you usually do a few things. You do. Multiple games can be won at different points in a season. This is what we have done. We won three consecutive games two times. You also win on the roads, which is what we are trying to do. This is not an accident. Our guys are playing great football right now.”

If the Rams keep losing, there is still a chance for success. Detroit To earn as high as No. 2 pick in the next year’s draft.

Updated 2023 NFL Draft order

  • 1.) Houston Texans
  • 2.) Chicago Bears
  • 3.) Seattle Seahawks
  • 4.) Detroit Lions
  • 5.) Arizona Cardinals
  • 6.) Indianapolis Colts
  • 7.) Atlanta Falcons
  • 8.) Carolina Panthers
  • 9.) Philadelphia Eagles
  • 10.) Las Vegas Raiders
  • 11.) Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 12.) Houston Texans
  • 13.) Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 14.) Green Bay Packers
  • 15.) Seattle Seahawks
  • 16.) New England Patriots
  • 17.) New York Jets
  • 18.) Detroit Lions

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