Daily Crunch: Reddit users discover Apple is raising its battery replacement service fees

Daily Crunch: Reddit users discover Apple is raising its battery replacement service fees

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We’re back! For now, it’s just me. Haje He is covering CES so if you are there, find him and say “Hi!” Henry Thank you for running the Daily Crunch train last Wednesday. It was a pleasure to read it and I hope you enjoyed it as well. We are back with lots of news so let’s get to it. — Christine

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Startups and VC

Can co-CEOs be successful? If there are two founders in your company looking for this advice, Becca And Darrell Have a good experience. Podcast found For you. They were joined by Brex Co-founder and coCEO Henrique DubugrasHe spoke about the company’s expense management startup and corporate credit card. He also talked about why he and Pedro Franceschi decided to co-CEOs.

We have three more:

  • If 2022 was a headline…: Natasha M, Mary Ann And Alex We solicited your answers and compiled a list on how you would describe the tech industry’s 2022.
  • Sharing economy but for hospital rooms: HD is a Southeast Asia startup that believes matching demand and supply can be applied to vacant hospital rooms. Rita This article explains how the company does this.
  • BharatPe CEO is out: Manish According to reports, Suhail Sameer, BharatPe CEO, plans to leave the India-based fintech company at the end of this week. Although Nalin Negi, CFO of BharatPe, will assume the interim CEO role, the company is already in trouble. BharatPe fired its founder last year after it was discovered that he was using company funds for personal gain.

How to make the most out of your startup’s big fundraising moment

No matter how small the startup, early stage investments are a sign that it is being validated.

Hum Capital CMO Scott Brown writes that it is easy to believe that no one will be interested if you have seen other companies raise hundreds of millions of money.

Brown explains in this marketing guide for early-stage startups how founders can use fundraising announcements for maximum media interest, complying with SEC guidelines, and aligning more closely with investors to “get most bang for their bucks”.

Another one from the TC Team:

  • Greener pasturesClimate: Is climate a safe investment? It seems so. Tim Union Square Ventures was contacted about the new $200 million fund and its shares What USV intends to do in 2023.

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Big Tech Inc.

We have some Nvidia news for you today. Romain, Rebecca And Brian You could listen in on a CES virtual conference so you didn’t have to. Highlights include Nvidia’s tools being integrated into cars. Mercedes will use Nvidia’s digital twin tech Modernize its factories Foxconn’s electric vehicles Built with Nvidia’s self driving toolkit, Hyundai, BYD, and Polestar Among the carmakers that will use it for its in-car gaming features are: Meanwhile, Nvidia’s robot simulator allows for human coworkers And Nvidia upgrades GeForce Now Premium users can enjoy RTX 4080 performance

We have five more:

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