Daily Crunch: Meta to pay $725M settlement in Cambridge Analytica data access case

Daily Crunch: Meta to pay $725M settlement in Cambridge Analytica data access case

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Today, we celebrate a little oversight of an industry that has been allowed too long to prey on the less fortunate. Devin According to reports, FCC is more involved in monitoring the prison phone system In a simple bill, the regulator is empowered to “ensure just and reasonable charges of telephone and advanced communication services in correctional or detention facilities.”

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The TechCrunch Top 4

  • Meta settles: Meta has settled a class-action lawsuit against Cambridge Analytica for stealing data from Facebook users after years of resistance. Paul There are many more.
  • Breathe in the fresh airMila, the creator of a smart purifier, raised $10 million through a round led Electrolux. This gives it a valuation of $52 million and the backing to add smarts to a new product, a humidifier. Haje writes.
  • Charge it up: It seems like Tesla is #winning where Apple couldn’t. The $300 charging mat can charge three devices simultaneously, according to the automaker. Matt reports.
  • The results are in: Dominic-Madori Three Black investors were surveyed about their plans for 2023. TechCrunch has the complete version..

This year holiday shipping is easier, but technology is still lagging.

Global supply lines are in better shape now than they were last year, but that doesn’t bode well for future, writes Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen.

“This year’s shipping improvements largely reflect a pullback of consumption rather than any improvement to the underlying infrastructure,” he said, noting that labor shortages and high fuel prices have caused persistent bottlenecks.

“Fortunately, we have the data that we need to increase efficiency, and it is abundant beyond measure.”

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Big Tech Inc.

We enjoyed IngridThis in-depth look at the decentralized social media player Mastodon is scaling Twitter users gather to find other ways to express themselves. TechCrunch subscribers – if you aren’t one, you can easily become one – can also read her Q&A with Eugen Rochko, Mastodon creator.

If you’re a LastPass user, like many of us here at TechCrunch are, you might want check your email to make sure you don’t forget. LastPass claims that hackers have stolen password vaults of some customers. Zack It’s time to update your passwords.

Google won’t take India’s latest fine lightly. Manish According to reports, the search engine giant is appealing the fines of hundreds of millions of dollars. Android business practices.

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