Constance Wu alleges she was sexually harassed by a ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ producer

Constance Wu alleges she was sexually harassed by a ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ producer

by a producer at ‘Fresh Off the Boat. “I kept my mouth shut for quite some time,” the actress said as she addressed the allegations during a panel discussion.

Author Maureen Lee Lenker

Constance Wu says that while starring in her breakout role on Fresh Off the Boat, she was sexually harassed and intimidated by one of the ABC sitcom’s senior producers.

Wu has not identified the producer and refers to him as “M–“.

I kept my mouth shut about a lot sexual harassment and intimidation I received the first season of the show,” Wu stated Friday at the Atlantic Festival in Washington. Wu has not named the producer, but refers to him only as “M–” in her book. So I thought, “You know what?” It was handled by me. Nobody needs to know. I don’t have the obligation to ruin the reputation of this Asian American producer. I don’t have the right to ruin the show’s reputation. ‘” An ABC representative declined comment on Wu’s claims.

Wu told the Times she was initially reluctant to write about her experiences on Fresh Off the Boat, including her now infamous tweets expressing dismay at the show’s renewal for a sixth season. Wu tweeted, “So upset right now that it’s literally crying.” “Ugh.”) At the prompting of her publisher, she began to write and was able to openly discuss what she had experienced.

Wu describes the harassment and intimidation that M–, the producer, allegedly engaged in. She wrote that M–, the producer, began by gaining complete control over her career. He used the common refrain “You do as I say.” Wu claims that she was unaware of how off-base their first interactions were as a newcomer to the television industry. Wu claims that the producer controlled her signing with his agent. He also intervened in her business affairs, insisting that he be kept informed at all times. She claims that the producer started to make comments about Wu’s appearance, including his preference for Wu’s haircut, and dictating what Wu wore. He also kept tabs on Wu’s auditions, publicist, friends, and even what parties she attended.

Wu writes that the producer made offensive comments and jokes frequently, which she would laugh off. She also asked Wu for selfies late at nights.

Constance Wu

Constance Wu

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Ultimately, Wu alleges, this led to an incident of physical harassment when she and M– attended a basketball game together at his insistence. She claims that he touched her thigh and then brushed her crotch with his hand. She describes fending off his advances and writing that it was a once-in-a-while incident.

Wu writes that he never touched her inappropriately, except for the basketball game. “It didn’t seem like a big deal at that time, to be honest. I was fine. Happy, even! I was grateful for his support and it made me feel good that he protected me. It was a win-win situation, where he was the helpless to my helpless. To maintain this dynamic, he needed me not to be helpless. For a while, I was. ” Wu writes that she felt more empowered and that her relationship with M — was strained when she refused to attend a film festival he wanted. She also says that she told cast and crew members about her experiences with the producer but felt isolated when they continued to interact.

In the same chapter, Wu also explains and apologizes for her reaction to the Fresh Off the Boat season 5 renewal renewal, writing that her outburst stemmed from her own trauma on the set, not from ingratitude. And she opens up about attempting to take her own life in the aftermath of the backlash she faced for the tweets.

Everyone loved my beautiful speech about representation. But the second they had a chance to find a crack in my facade…” Wu tearfully told the Times. “It’s funny. It was almost comical. It was almost as if they could not wait to get me down. I believe the Asian community in Hollywood still focuses too much on positive representation. This to me is a lie. Human representation is more complex than whole. Recap

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