College football news: EA Sports sets date for NCAA Football, per report

College football news: EA Sports sets date for NCAA Football, per report

A year ago, EA Sports announced it would bring back its popular NCAA Football game, and now college football fans have an update on this iconic game.

Expect to see the game back on the shelves at some point next summer, according to information obtained by Extra Points, who filed an Open Record Request into EA Sports’ proposal.

“EA’s aim is to release a stand-alone college football game in July of 2023, allowing for the two-year game development window necessary for collecting game assets and developing game play to meet the current market demands for a unique college football game while following NCAA guidelines,” the proposal said, via Extra Points.

College football fans rejoice as EA Sports' NCAA Football returns

College football fans rejoice as EA Sports’ NCAA Football returns

The proposal also notes that EA Sports’ development of the latest NCAA Football game is in “full swing” as it moves towards the marketplace.

The return of NCAA Football has been met with universal applause, as the game was one of the most popular in the country prior to 2013.

That’s the year EA Sports stopped producing the NCAA Football game, much to the displeasure of millions of college football fans.

So far, nearly 120 schools, conferences, and bowl games have “conceptually approved participation” in the new game, as well.

Moreover, with the new NIL rules in place, there’s some hope that active college football players can directly participate in the new game in future. 

(h/t Extra Points)

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