‘Chicago Med’ star Marlyne Barrett reveals cancer diagnosis: ‘I’m going to face this’

‘Chicago Med’ star Marlyne Barrett reveals cancer diagnosis: ‘I’m going to face this’

Barrett, whose character Maggie Lockwood faced breast cancer in 2019, says she “felt a responsibility to tell my story. “

Three years ago, Chicago Med actress Marlyne Barrett battled cancer on screen when her character, nurse Maggie Lockwood, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The actress has now opened up about her personal experience with ovarian and uterine cancer after being inspired by the way her storyline resonated.

” I’m a very private person, but it was a responsibility to tell my tale,” Barrett said in an interview with PEOPLE on Tuesday. “When my character was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a lot of people reach out through social media to me. They gave me courage and I felt an inevitability to meet their hearts. “

Barrett was shocked to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July. She had no family history of uterine or ovarian cancer. She said that the initial experience was shocking and a shock to her womanhood. “I was skeptical, but I believed them when they showed me the CT scan. “Am I going to survive?” was the first question. I was just able to fall into my husband’s arms. It still takes my breath away every time I think about it. “

Marlyne Barrett

Marlyne Barrett

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Barrett and her family — husband pastor Gavin Barrett and their 11-month-old twins — met the challenge head-on. Her doctors advised her that she would need to undergo aggressive chemotherapy before she could have a hysterectomy. “I found this courage and I just hunkered down and said, ‘I’m going to face this,'” the 44-year-old actress said.

Barrett admitted that she “wept and wept, wept, and wept” while shaving her head. However, she did it in front of her children “so they would see it was still Mommy.” Barrett was also encouraged by the support from her Chicago Med relatives at work. She cried as she recalled, “I’ve had people shave my heads on set to support and me.”

” “Interestingly, my character on the show wears a hair wig.” She added that her work keeps her busy and her mind active. It gives me a lot more time to think about other things than, “When is my next chemotherapy shift?” “How will I hug my children?” ‘”

Barrett will continue fighting for her children and hopes to see them marry someday. She is currently preparing for her third round, and says that she is taking it “one at a time.” “

“We, as humans, are so afraid to face the mortality and to even pronounce the term cancer,” she said. “But we have so many more strengths inside of us than what we think. is broadcast Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT by NBC.

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