Charlie Day says Rob McElhenney is trying to ‘trade up’ on him with ‘sports jock’ Ryan Reynolds

Charlie Day says Rob McElhenney is trying to ‘trade up’ on him with ‘sports jock’ Ryan Reynolds

The Super Mario Bros. Movie star joked he’s not down with McElhenney’s “super handsome movie star best friend.”

ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” – Season 15

The Super Mario Bros. Movie star was asked if he ever gets jealous over the close bond that McElhenney now shares with his “new best friend Ryan Reynolds” while visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday.

“Yeah, man,” Day agreed. “He’s trying to trade up on me, you know?”

McElhenney and Day have not only been BFFs for decades, but they’ve also starred opposite one another for all 15 seasons of the hit sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. McElhenney and Reynolds similarly struck up a friendship years ago and now co-own the Welsh soccer club Wrexham AFC together.

When host Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at how McElhenney now calls soccer “football” and can speak Welsh, Day noted that it wasn’t the sport that was irking him. 

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“I mean, that’s all fine and I’m proud of him, but it’s the fact that he’s got this super handsome movie star best friend who just keeps being like, ‘You know what? I just made another billion dollars today. I sold a phone company,'” he joked. “It’s time for this guy to stop!”

Taking Day’s side in the budding fictional feud, Kimmel then encouraged the actor to find a “guy” like Reynolds in his own life that he could “buy a team with or something.” In response, Day then turned to the camera and remarked, “I’m talking to you, [Leonardo] DiCaprio, you hear? Let’s start hanging out, man! Let’s buy the Mets or something.”

Kimmel, however, had a much more fitting rival in mind. “You know who would be good though is Hugh Jackman,” he said. “I’d like to see you steal one of Ryan’s friends from him.”

To make matters worse, Day then recalled Reynolds’ recent birthday present for McElhenney, which was an entire song dedicated to educating listeners on how to properly pronounce his pal’s surname. 

Rob McElhenney, Ryan Reynolds, Charlie Day

Rob McElhenney, Ryan Reynolds, Charlie Day

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“I mean, the guy put in like $100,000 into a birthday gift,” he complained. “It’s like a bad movie from the 1980s, you know? Where the sports jock steals your friend and you’re like, ‘It’s gonna end poorly.'”

With Jackman at his side, Day may have a real contender to help take down McElhenney and Reynolds once and for all. After all, the Wolverine actor has previously joked about joining a rival soccer team just to specifically “stick it to Ryan Reynolds.”

Watch Day discuss McElhenney and Reynolds’ friendship in the clip above. 

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