Brad Pitt celebrates Brian Tyree Henry for EW’s 2022 Entertainers of the Year

Brad Pitt celebrates Brian Tyree Henry for EW’s 2022 Entertainers of the Year

An actor pays tribute to his memory. Bullet Train Costar is “funny as —,”” and is getting Oscar buzz for the performance in Causeway.

By Brad Pitt December 12, 2022 at 08:00 AM EST

2016 Brian Tyree Henry When he first appeared on television as the hilarious and perpetually exhausted Alfred Miles, he caught everyone’s attention. Atlanta. He’s built an impressive resume since then and this year, he stole the show as one half of a fast-witted, accented brotherhood. Bullet Train Aaron Taylor-Johnson was the second half. He delivered a stunningly subtle performance as a man in desperate search of a friend. CausewayHe’s rightfully receiving Oscar buzz for his performance in,

To honor Henry as one EW’s 2022 Entertainers Of The Year Babylon Star Brad Pitt — Who worked with Henry in Bullet Train— Pays tribute to his costar.

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Brian Tyree Henry; (inset). Brad Pitt

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Before I worked with Brian, I was a fan. I saw him in AtlantaHe was hard, and I thought so too. He’s the real deal. He was cast in Talking to Beale StreetI was moved by the scene. I thought, “This man runs deep.” As an actor, it’s rare to be surprised by someone. This is his one scene. He talks about his time in prison. It just floored him. It’s so subtle and difficult. You believe it. It’s like the character is carrying a great deal of pain. It’s extraordinary. It’s amazing. Then you meet Brian in person. He’s funny as —. He is the sweetest, most kindhearted person I know. He’s infectious to be around.

The set of Bullet TrainHe was the center. He was the sun around which we all revolved. Our first scene together was the silent vehicle, and a lot is him riffing. He’s brilliant. He keeps coming back with new ideas, so every take is different. We were going to ask him to come up with lines for any character by the end of the shoot: “What do we have for this moment?”

My favorite joke was that he was taking work from British actors because the character was a Brit. He took on a Cockney accent which, of all the English accents available, is the most rigid. This one is impossible to get wrong. If you do, you will be slaughtered by Brits. He took it on, and according to all reports, he did a great job.

He also injured his knee during the shoot, but he persevered. He sold it. He can do almost anything. He is a director’s dream. He can play heavy and then he can be big and funny. He is a wonderful, loving human being. I cannot express my gratitude enough. I love the guy, and that sentiment is shared by all who work with him. I know the man can act. He is skilled, but he is a wonderful human being.

This guy is so great. I would have given him Entertainer Of The Year in 2018, like 2018. Hell, I would give him Entertainer of the Year in 2018, like 2018.

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