Blink-182 and mystery act replacing Frank Ocean as Coachella Sunday headliners

Blink-182 and mystery act replacing Frank Ocean as Coachella Sunday headliners

The news comes after Ocean pulled out due to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg, per his representatives.

Sydney Bucksbaum

Wait, who is Coachella’s Sunday night headliner again?

Blink performed to a massive crowd last Friday during the first weekend of the Indio, Calif. music festival. Now, they are set to take the main stage Sunday after Bjork. They will be followed by the trio of DJ-producers.

Founding Blink-182 guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge first spilled the news on Instagram on Wednesday before his post was immediately deleted. “See you Sunday night #COACHELLA #MainStage,” he had written in its caption.

Tom DeLonge/Instagram

Credit: Tom DeLonge/Instagram

The headliner swap comes as no surprise to many, as Ocean’s bizarre set Sunday night left a good number of festival-goers wondering if he’d be back for the second weekend.

“After suffering an injury to his leg on festival grounds in the week leading up to weekend 1, Frank Ocean was unable to perform the intended show but was still intent on performing, and in 72 hours, the show was reworked out of necessity,” representatives for Ocean told EW on Wednesday. “On doctor’s advice, [the] artist is not able to perform weekend 2 due to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg.”

“It was chaotic,” Ocean said in a statement. “There is some beauty in chaos. It isn’t what I intended to show, but I did enjoy being out there and I’ll see you soon.”

Ocean’s long-awaited headlining performance began an hour late, and when he finally graced the stage, he was barely visible, sitting far back on the stage, pulling up his hood, and constantly turning his back to the audience. He did not acknowledge the delay. While he did perform stunningly reworked versions of songs like “Novacane,” “Crack Rock,” and “White Ferrari,” the silence between the tracks was long and awkward, eliminating any sense of flow and giving the impression that he was just winging it.

He chose to lip-synch many of his other songs instead of performing them, and DJ Crystallmess played an extended EDM remix of several of them while Ocean left the stage. After Ocean performed a cover of “At Your Best (You Are Love),” he announced at 12:22 a.m. PT, after another long and awkward silence, “Guys, I’m being told it’s curfew, so that’s the end of our show. Thank you so much.”

On Monday, reports surfaced that an ice rink was originally supposed to be part of Ocean’s performance and had been built for the set but that Ocean decided to cut it at the last minute, causing the set to be delayed as the rink was disassembled.

According to those same reports, it was Ocean’s decision to scrap the official YouTube livestream of his Coachella set as well, souring the relationship between him and the festival’s organizers. However, a source close to the situation said Ocean injured his ankle while riding a bike around the festival in the days leading up to his performance, which resulted in a change of the production to accommodate the injury. Skaters who were supposed to perform on the ice rink during the set criticized Ocean and its production team for not informing them about the change of plans until only hours before the show was scheduled to begin.

INDIO, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 14: Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 performs at the Sahara Tent during the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 14, 2023 in Indio, California. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Coachella)

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus performs at Coachella 2023

| Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty for Coachella

Blink-182’s original trio reunited for their first performance in almost a decade at Coachella on Friday night, making it look like no time had passed as they rocked out to a huge crowd just days after they were quietly added to the lineup. During their 50-minute set at the Sahara stage, DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker played their greatest hits and their new single, “Edging,” as well as a fan-favorite mash-up of their track “Dammit” and TLC’s 1999 hit “No Scrubs.”

The performance — which was also livestreamed for fans not lucky enough to attend the fest in person — marked the first time DeLonge, Hoppus, and Barker had played together since DeLonge left Blink in 2015 to study UFOs, write novelsdirect movies, and record music with his own band, Angels and Airwaves. Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba stepped in for DeLonge following his departure, recording multiple LPs with the group. Over the summer, Skiba said he was unsure of his current status with them. Blink-182’s massive reunion tour was scheduled to begin last month but was postponed when drummer Barker had to have surgery after damaging his hand in rehearsal twice over the course of two weeks.

Hoppus was diagnosed with stage IV diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in the summer of 2021, but he confirmed that he was cancer-free in September of that same year. “Chemo to Coachella,” Hoppus wrote on Instagram before Friday’s set. “Very much in my feelings today. Grateful to be here and excited to play a rock show with my friends tonight.”

Four Tet, Skrillex, and Fred Again released their new collaboration, the single “Baby Again,” in March. The electronic artists have been performing it at live sets the past few months, including during a five-hour set at New York’s Madison Square Garden. The song prominently samples Lil Baby’s “Baby.”

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