Beyoncé shouts out Tia Mowry’s ’90s girl group during Renaissance birthday concert

Beyoncé shouts out Tia Mowry’s ’90s girl group during Renaissance birthday concert

TIL Tia and Tamera Mowry had a girl group thanks to Beyoncé shouting out their 1992 hit in concert

Bey sang a bit of Voices’ “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” after spotting Tia Mowry in the audience during her Renaissance Tour birthday concert.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite

Fun fact: every Black ’90s sitcom star also moonlit as a ’90s R&B act.


On her Renaissance World Tour, Beyoncé shone a light on Voices, the Mowry twins’ girl group, when she noticed Tia Mowry in the audience at her B’Day concert on Sept. 4, and gave a vocal nod to their 1992 hit, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”

Tia Mowry and Beyonce

Tia Mowry and Beyoncé

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The eagle-eyed (and -eared) Hive was quick to notice the cute tribute during Bey’s performance of “1 1”, when she spots Mowry, blows her a kiss, mouths “I love you,” then seamlessly segués into a bit of “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”

“The first time I met @beyonce was during her Destiny’s Child days when she was on a production with my brother @tahj_mowry, and since then I have been lucky to cross paths with her throughout the years,” Mowry captioned a series of pics from the evening.

“I felt so lucky to have been able to see her perform Renaissance on her birthday!” Mowry continued. “The highlight of the night was when she saw me in the crowd, and she gave me a smile and a hello, and then started singing ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ from when @tameramowrytwo and I were in the singing group, Voices! I was so touched by her gesture, and I still can’t believe that it truly happened!”

Well, it’s perhaps not too shocking that Beyoncé would know and could easily interpolate, on the fly, a song that peaked at No. 72 on the Billboard charts 30 years ago. What is shocking is that Beyoncé can see anyone or anything from the stage, especially with all that blinding silver lamé.

But then again, she is Beyoncé (thank you).

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