Beloved movie characters and TV icons are available in Fisher-Price toy form, and they’re on sale at Amazon

Beloved movie characters and TV icons are available in Fisher-Price toy form, and they’re on sale at Amazon

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Sometimes, it’s the smallest gift that leaves the biggest impression. And if you’re already planning holiday gifts for the pop-culture fans on your list, Fisher-Price Little People Collector sets are a no-brainer — especially when they are on sale.

These tiny figures are essentially shrunken-down collectible versions of beloved characters and famous faces from popular movies and TV shows, and they’re marked down right now, just as Amazon’s Prime’s Big Deal Days sale event is underway.

And while the new raved-about set of the NSYNC band members may be currently sold out, there are plenty more Little People Collector sets to grab on sale (up to 68 percent off!) before October Prime Day comes to an end tonight.

Fisher Price Little People Collector Sets on Sale at Amazon’s October Prime Day

Some of the most iconic TV shows and movies come in Fisher-Price toy form, and the casts of Seinfeld, The Office, Ted Lasso, and more all have their own miniature worlds. They’re the perfect presents for the holidays, whether it’s for kids or adults who will enjoy them just as much (or love the nod to nostalgia they’ll get while watching their kids play with them). 

In The Office‘s Little People Collector set, Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly, and Jim Halpert are all present. The Dunder Mifflin gang have been transformed into realistic three-inch versions of themselves — Dwight has his usual arsenal of pagers, Michael is holding his signature World’s Best Boss mug, and Jim is holding a note that reads, “Jim Loves Pam.”

Little People Collector sets

There are too many memorable characters to count in Ted Lasso, and this set captures six of the most lovable, including grumbly Roy Kent, bubbly Keeley Jones, and the main man himself, Coach Lasso. The cast comes in a display box that’s designed to look just like the AFC Richmond locker room, where many pep talks (and plenty of drama) unfolded during the series. 

A few of the characters even come wielding symbolic accessories: Sam Obisanya has a soccer ball in hand, Rebecca Welton is holding the homemade biscuits Lasso never fails to surprise her with, and Coach Beard has a tactic sheet at the ready.

Little People Collector sets

The world’s most well-known extraterrestrial has also been turned into the cutest Little People figurine: E.T., along with Elliott and Gertie, come together in the now-$12 set.

Fans of the classic 1982 film will appreciate the small details, like E.T.’s glowing finger, Elliot’s red hoodie, and Gertie’s flower pot. One reviewer noted that the figures’ “colors are true to the movie, and the graphics on the box are on point.”

Little People Collector sets

For those ready for another Seinfeld binge-watch, check out the sitcom’s Little People Collector set, which includes Jerry Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes, and George Costanza, and is marked down to $13 right now. 

Eagle-eyed fans will immediately notice some of the comical Easter eggs from throughout the show’s run in this set, including George’s chocolate éclair he scrounged from a trash can and the chicken thigh Kramer is holding from Kenny Rogers Roasters. Plus, the box is styled to look like Seinfeld’s apartment.

Little People Collector sets

The Fisher-Price toy set of the legendary fantasy trilogy The Lord of the Rings has six characters — Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, Aragorn, Lady Arwen, Gimli, and Legolas — as they head out on the long journey to destroy the One Ring. While the normally goes for $65, it’s on sale for $30, bringing each figure to just $5 apiece. 

The set has earned more than 3,000 perfect ratings from Amazon shoppers, and many have shared in their reviews how they have gifted the set to little fans (who happily play with the figures) and older fans.”The box is majestic and the presentation is superb for something supposed to be for toddlers,” one reviewer shared. “I got this as a gift for my wife as she is a LOTR collector, and we were blown away by the art and quality of this set.”

Little People Collector sets

For a high fashion twist on your collectibles, drag icon RuPaul can grace your shelves, too. This set stands out thanks to the magnificent outfits the figures are wearing, as they’re inspired by what RuPaul has worn on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

One mini RuPaul is wearing a red suit with thick black glasses, another is in a metallic purple gown paired with platinum hair, and the final figure is sporting a floor-length magenta dress with gold details. And you can snag it for just $7 as part of Priime Big Deal Days.

Little People Collector sets

Get a head start on holiday shopping with these Little People Collector sets before the deals disappear. 

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