‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ tops first box office of 2023

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ tops first box office of 2023

The Way of Water: Avatar Keep it up Pussy in Boots Galoshes is the first No. 1 movie of 2023

Na’vi ruled, and cats drooled at weekend box office with Wakanda Forever: Black Panther Holding onto third place

Lester Fabian Brathwaite

It’s a happy new Year! James Cameron His blue brotherhood The Way of Water: Avatar The third week in succession, the film topped the box-office.

The sequel to the highest-grossing movie of all times is making some decent numbers for itself. According to Comscore, it earned $63.4 million over the weekend. This brings its domestic total to $421.5 millions. This brings it to $16 million. Wakanda Forever: Black PantherThe total amount of $437.9 Million over eight weeks is the sum of’s so far.

Avatar: The Way of Water

‘Avatar: The Way of Water”

Credit: 20th Century Studios

Globally, The Way of Water It grossed $186.7 million more, which made it the highest international grossing international release in 2022 and the second-highest grossing international release since the outbreak. Cameron’s blockbuster had already been released. Last week, the world’s billion-dollar mark was surpassedIts current value is $1.38 billion.

Universal’s second week of release was a success. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish It earned $16.3 million, which brings its domestic gross to $60.7million ($129.5 million globally). The third sequel was the box office’s top three. Wakanda Forever This weekend, $4.8 million was added, and $7.4 millions internationally, making a total worldwide sum of $818.4million.

Puss In Boots (Antonio Banderas), in DreamWorks Animation’s Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, directed Joel Crawford.

‘Puss In Boots: The Last Wish’

Credit: DreamWorks Animation

The musical biopic Whitney Houston: I Want to Dance With Somebody It came in fourth place with $4.2 million and a domestic total of $14.8 million. Internationally, it did a bit better, taking home $8.3 million, bringing its global total to $27.9million. The top five movies of 2018 are Damien ChazelleStar-studded tribute to Old Hollywood by ”s stars. BabylonThe domestic total was just $10.1 million.

Notably, however, no new movies were released in the top 10 at this weekend’s box office. Otto, the Man Who Called Himself a Man Staring Tom Hanks The film was released in four theaters in New York City and Los Angeles, and it is a buzzed-about dance doll-from-hell horror movie. M3GAN Internationally opened in France, Mexico, Belgium, and costing $3.3 million.

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