Angels Fans React to Joe Maddon’s Comments on GM Breaking the Baseball Code

Angels Fans React to Joe Maddon’s Comments on GM Breaking the Baseball Code

The baseball world was stunned when Joe Maddon spoke out about his 2022 disappointing season with the Angels.

Early in the year, the Angels sat at 27-17, and appeared to be one of baseball’s best teams. But when they went on a 12-game losing streak, Maddon, who had managed the team since 2020, lost his job. Although there was not much information about why Maddon was fired it seemed that it was due to the team’s slump. It was a bit surprising to learn that the team was only two games below. 500, and proved they could win just a few weeks prior.

As the season came to an end, Maddon wanted his side of the story. It was truly eye-opening.

Maddon released The Book of Joe: Trying Not to Suck at Baseball and Life, a book he co-wrote with Sports Illustrated‘s Tom Verducci.

In the book, Maddon spoke about a dispute between him and Angels General Manager Perry Minasian in the early season.

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The divide between old and new, manager and front office, data and art, Maddon and Minasian, reached a boiling point on May 9. The Angels had just scored five runs in the seventh inning against the Rays to turn a 6-3 lead into an 11-3 blowout. Ohtani scored a grand slam. The dugout was lively. Mike Frostad, the head athletic trainer, suddenly walked up to Maddon, who was sitting on top of the dugout, and said, “Perry just called.” He said get Trout out of the game.”

Earlier in the day Trout had complained about a bit of soreness in his groin. Later, he informed Maddon that the soreness had subsided and that he was fine.

To Maddon Minasian, Minasian violated a sacred code. The GM called the dugout during a match to dictate strategy to the manager, a veteran manager. Minasian understood that he was simply utilizing the power given to him by this generation of executives. Nothing was sacred. Nothing was beyond bounds.

The next day Maddon blew up at Minasian in Maddon’s office. Maddon stated, “Listen, don’t you ever f call down the dugout again!”

Twenty-six days later, he was gone.

Maddon was fired when the team was 27-29. They finished the year 47-59, with intermin manager Phil Nevin at the helm.

Fans shared their thoughts on Maddon’s comments via Twitter.

It will be interesting to see if Minasian, or any other Angels player, responds to Maddon’s comments.

For now, they are focusing on the offseason. They’ve already re-upped with Nevin for another year, and can now shift their focus to putting together a winning team for the first time since 2014.

It will be interesting to see if Maddon gets another managerial job or if he is done with the game of baseball.

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