All Clemson Recruiting Mailbag

All Clemson Recruiting Mailbag

You’ve got recruiting questions and we have the answers.

Welcome to All Clemson’s recruiting mailbag, where each week we will answer your recruiting questions. Or we will at least attempt to do so, as recruiting is a world with many moving parts and an ever-changing landscape.

With that in mind, let’s dive in.


Chad: If Clemson happens to land Peter Woods, would they over-sign at DT? Say, Jamaal Jarrett? I know they kinda moved on a little bit but if his interest in Clemson heated back up would they over-sign for him? 

Let’s start off by saying that Auburn, Georgia and North Carolina are the three finalists for Jamaal Jarrett. Clemson is no longer pursuing him. Having said that, to me, the question isn’t whether the Tigers would over-sign at tackle, it’s would they be willing to over-sign at both tackle and end?

The Tigers already have Vic Burley and Stephiylan Green on board and are now waiting on a decision from Peter Woods. Landing the elite-level talent out of the state of Alabama would be a huge recruiting win for Dabo Swinney and Clemson. He is set to announce on July 8.

If the Tigers can indeed land Woods, they might not be done at defensive tackle, as Kayden McDonald would certainly be a take. He isn’t expected to make a decision until later this year.

With AJ Hoffler and David Ojiegbe already committed, the Tigers are still waiting on decisions from Keldric Faulk, who is set to announce next week, and Hunter Osborne, who will probably announce later this summer. How do you turn either of those players away? Not sure you can, but ultimately, it would be Swinney’s decision and most importantly, that would entail Clemson hitting on all four uncommitted players. 

Mike:  Any news on DL Hunter Osborne? A possible commitment date?

I still really like where the Tigers stand with Hunter Osborne, but as of yet, there has been no official announcement from him regarding a commitment date. He visited Clemson that first weekend in June, and his last visit was to Tennessee.

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There has been some talk that he might hold off and wait until his birthday to announce, which is later this summer in August.

TJ:  What about safety? Is Caleb Downs an Alabama or Georgia lean you think?

Clemson has already secured one commitment from Kylen Webb. Rob Billings is one of the top targets left still out there. He was on campus for the big official visit weekend and it appears that this is shaping up to be a battle between the Tigers and Florida State, with a decision coming later this year. Although, as we sit here today, I would call Clemson the favorite with the Seminoles running second.

Dakaari Nelson is still out there too. Clemson is in his Top-6 and there is a chance he takes an official visit in the fall. We will have to wait and see if the Tigers end up taking just two, or possibly taking a third a safety in this class.

As for Caleb Downs, he took official visits to Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Georgia this month. He last visited Clemson back in March. He has since been to Georgia, Notre Dame and Alabama multiple times. 

Edward:  What other running backs is Clemson targeting after missing on Jeremiah Cobb?

Right now there are no other backs with offers that Clemson is in contention with. They’ve only handed out four to this point. 

Sam Singleton, out of Florida is a running back that visited back in the spring. Chris Johnson, out of Florida is another possibility, but he’s considered a strong Miami lean at the moment.

While I would say both of those are names to potentially know, I think it’s possible that the Tigers to go in a different direction. Parker Jenkins, out of Houston, is a player on the staff’s radar. He is approaching the 40 offer mark, with LSU, Miami, Florida State, Louisville and Penn State all having offered. The Nittany Lions were one of his most recent offers and he has taken recent visits to Oklahoma State and Boston College. Both were official visits.

Do you have any recruiting questions that you want to ask? If so, just let us know. Shoot us an email at or shoot us a DM on Twitter.

The Tigers, who went 10-3 in 2021 and finished 14th in the final Associated Press Poll, are the fourth team on FanDuel Sportsbook’s list to win it all in 2022.

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