Agent: Griner Not Ready to Say If She Will Resume WNBA Career

Agent: Griner Not Ready to Say If She Will Resume WNBA Career

Brittney Griner was one of the WNBA’s most prominent stars when she was first detained in Russia 10 months ago. Now, four days since She was released as part of a prisoner swapShe is currently adjusting to freedom and spending more time with her family at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio.

Her playing career is still up in the air.

Talk to ESPNLindsay Kagawa Colas (Griner’s agent) wouldn’t confirm when or if Griner would return to professional basketball.

“If she wants, she will play. Colas stated that she has the holidays to relax and decide what’s next, without any pressure. “She’s doing really, very well. She seems to have gotten through this in some pretty amazing ways.”

Colas said that Griner dunked the basketball when she got it for the first time since Sunday’s imprisonment. Griner, 32, has no plans to leave the military base. Griner and Cherelle, her wife, are currently staying in a hotel near the base. They plan to enjoy the holidays together, before making any further plans. ESPN reported that Griner’s father Ray and other family members visited her Saturday.

“There is no timetable for her return at the moment. Colas stated that she is reintegrating into a new world for her now. “She won’t be able to move around the world in the same way she did. This is purely a security concern. She didn’t ask for it, but I believe she will try to use her fame for good.”

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