Adventure Starts Here Carbondale, Illinois

Adventure Starts Here Carbondale, Illinois

You are now at the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, Shawnee National Forest and the wild beauty of the rolling hills in Carbondale, Illinois. This Midwestern town offers a way to escape the hustle and bustle of big-city life. It also gives you the chance to experience a remote, unrivalled feeling that you can only get in southern Illinois.

Carbondale offers many opportunities to enjoy beautiful scenery and outdoor adventure for all ages. Carbondale Tourism is here to make sure your visit is memorable and full of memories that will keep you coming back.

Carbondale is known for its Southern hospitality and offers events throughout the year. Imagine yourself playing 18-holes of championship golf at dawn, walking through rugged terrain in a national forest, and ending the evening with a local concert at sunset.

Shawnee National Forest
Historic Movie Theater
Rock climbing

You can enjoy local cuisine made with regionally-grown produce, or you can explore the international culinary scene that is rich in cultural influences. You will feel at home in one of their many accommodations, which can range from modern hotels to cozy cabins in the woods.

Carbondale is a great place to enjoy a rappel down a rock face, sip local wine, and then end the night at a historic movie theater in downtown.

You can pursue a favorite pastime, or try something new. All this without ever having to travel more than a few hundred miles.

Carbondale is the place to start your adventure.

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