Aaron Glenn Looking to ‘Beat the Hell’ Out of Jets

Aaron Glenn Looking to ‘Beat the Hell’ Out of Jets

Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn He has fond memories of his time with New York Jets.

Glenn The selection was made by Jets In the first round, with 12th overall selection of the 1994 NFL Draft.

Detroit’s second year coordinator, recalling a draft memory, said to reporters, “I never spoke to the Jets. Not once during the entire draft process. I thought I was going sixth, since I was actually in Tampa Bay the whole time. They told me that they were going to draft my name.

The Buccaneers chose to pass and selected Trent Dilfer as their quarterback. 6 that year.

The former defensive back was a talented player in the secondary. He also played the role of the setting the record for the most successful defense backs from 1994 to 2001. Jets Record for longest interception return. Glenn made a 100-yard touchdown catch against the Dolphins in 1996.

Glenn is still keen for the Lions to win against the Jets, despite his appreciation for their next opponent.

Glenn said that he was very fond of the Jets because Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets’ coach, also offered him an opportunity to start his coaching career. I think you’ve heard me say it before. They gave me my start as a player, coach, or scout. There are still people who have moved up to higher positions. They are great friends of mine.

“So, whenever I have the chance to face this team, I want it to win. I love that organization even though I don’t have a lot of affection. I love them, but I want to beat them.

Robert Saleh deserves our appreciation

Glenn, a defensive coach, expressed appreciation for Robert Saleh’s accomplishments in his career.

Saleh has quickly established himself as one the league’s top defensive minds and turned around the Jets defense in his short tenure.

Glenn said, “Really big fan.” “I love the energy. I love his message and the things he has shared with his team. I love everything about him as a coach. I’m happy with the way things are going for him. These things are not what I want to see happen this week.

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