49ers QB Trey Lance Suffered a Fibula Fracture and a Ligament Disruption

49ers QB Trey Lance Suffered a Fibula Fracture and a Ligament Disruption

Trey Lance was apparently hurt twice Sunday against the Seahawks.

The 49ers just sent out a press release stating that Lance had successful surgery this morning. “Surgery was performed at Stanford Hospital and repaired two injuries to Lance’s ankle, a fibula fracture and ligament disruption,” the 49ers wrote. “Lance will start the rehab process, and head team physician Dr. Tim McAdams is confident that he will recover completely in time for a full return in the 2023 season.”

It’s not a shock that Lance injured a ligament when he broke his ankle — those injuries often go together. Retrospectively, Lance is fortunate that he didn’t injure his knee. It should have been easier to make a full recovery after a broken ankle.

Still, it’s notable that the 49ers expect Lance to make a full return “in the 2023 season,” not necessary at the beginning of it. This means Lance’s recovery timeline is uncertain. It could drag into next season. And if that happens, who will be the 49ers’ starting quarterback for Week 1 of 2023?

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Probably not Jimmy Garoppolo — he’ll be a free agent, and the 49ers have been trying to replace him for years.

It’s possible the 49ers could make another run at Aaron Rodgers if he opts out of his contract and becomes a free agent next offseason. Remember, Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay and reportedly was convinced he was getting traded to the 49ers before the 2021 draft.

Stay tuned.

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