39 million Americans expected to travel for Memorial Day

39 million Americans expected to travel for Memorial Day thumbnail

Millions of Americans are ready and willing to start the summer travel season by taking a trip to Mexico this Memorial Day weekend.

We call it “revenge traveling.” According to AAA, 39 million people will travel this year, which is more than 8% higher than 2021,.

Of that figure, nearly 35 million Americans are expected to hit the road, despite record high gas prices. AAA estimates that more than 3 million Americans will fly, This would make this the busiest holiday weekend since 2019..

” The changes we’ve seen as a nation over the past few years is inspiring people to get out. They want those experiences,” Andrew Gross, spokesperson for AAA, told CBS News.

These experiences will come at a cost that most Americans are willing to pay. Gas prices continue to break records, and hotel prices have risen 42% in comparison to last year.

” What am I going do? Just not go anywhere? “

“It’s a pain, but what are you going to do? Just not go anywhere? Houston resident Hunter Berecz told CBS News. Patrick De Haan, an energy analyst at GasBuddy, expects fuel prices to continue rising. He said that the average price of a gallon regular gas could reach $5 in a few weeks. This indicates that travel could become more expensive during the summer season.

Gas prices topped $4 in every U.S. state for the first time earlier this month. Experts recommend that motorists fill up their tanks approximately a mile from the freeway to get lower prices.

Fliers who book their flights early get the best rates. However, they might lose their car rental if they don’t have one. While smaller and cheaper vehicles are most popular, larger and more expensive options may still be available.

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